Become an International Volunteer and Welcome to International Scholars

Global Partners, the AMS International Academic Volunteer Program, seeks to connect AMS members (“Volunteers”) who are interested in providing specialized expertise and services to international professionals in academia and other nonprofit organizations (“Scholars”).
To apply, you must first create an AMS profile (which can be found by selecting the link). If you already have a profile or once it is created, please select "AMS Applicants and Reviews Login", select Programs, search for "Scholar Application", then hit "apply".


Volunteers may provide assistance in course and curriculum development, research planning and collaboration, public engagement, mentoring, and other not-for-profit activities. Such services will typically be provided on a pro bono basis except for travel, per diem, communication, and other support costs, which may be provided by the Scholars, their institutions, and/or other non-AMS parties.  

The Program seeks to reach out to a broad cross-section of International Scholars: atmospheric, oceanic, hydrologic, social, and related scientists and engineers residing and working abroad. The Program is available not only to individual Scholars, but also research teams and classes, such that the volunteer can mentor Scholars and their students or professors and their classes, and deliver remote talks and discussion sessions to multiple individuals at the Scholar’s institution.

The following are a few examples of some of the types of collaborations that may be established through the program: 

  • Visits of AMS Volunteer to Scholar’s home institution to give lectures or seminars, interact with students, develop teaching material, help with lab studies, or mentor the Scholar and/or their students or associates.
  • Visits of Scholar to AMS Volunteer’s home institution to give lectures or seminars, work on data processing or running models, or help with lab studies.
  • Participation by the Volunteer in the Scholar’s field projects. Possible but less likely is that the Scholar would participate in Volunteer’s projects.
  • Volunteer assists Scholar with writing research proposals, technical or scientific papers for peer-reviewed journals, class studies, or preparing material for oral or poster presentations at conferences or for seminars.
  • Volunteer helps Scholar to install, run, and interpret models like WRF, WRF-CHEM, etc.
  • Volunteer helps with accessing, downloading, and processing information from databases like satellites and radar. 

    Interested International Scholars or their institutions should contact the Program with their specific requests using the Scholar request form. The Program “Matching Coordinator” will query the Volunteer database to identify those Volunteers who have the requisite expertise and availability. Once an academic Scholar/institution and the Volunteer mutually agree there exists a suitable match, an agreement will be negotiated by the Volunteer and the International Scholar/institution that defines the role, limitations, timing, and obligations of the parties. The role of the AMS is limited to functioning as an exchange mechanism to facilitate the matching of those International Scholars seeking relevant services with those AMS Volunteers desiring to provide them. Volunteers and Scholars are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the AMS Code of Conduct.

    Learn more about the the Global Partners Program