Learn more about AMS Beacons

The AMS Beacons Program is an initiative of the Membership Committee and is firmly rooted in former Executive Director Kenneth Spengler's legacy of fostering the AMS as an open, inclusive, and welcoming organization. The Beacons program is an ambassador program with a member-staffed goodwill cadre reflecting AMS initiatives mandate to serve its existing, returning, and potentially new members. AMS Beacons assist with Society and membership-related functions as deemed necessary or appropriate at AMS annual, Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC), and local chapter meetings and other functions. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines the word beacon as a source of light or other signal for guidance; a source of light or inspiration. This adequately describes what AMS Beacons aspire to be.


Beacons contribute to a vibrant AMS community by:


  • Welcoming new members

  • Helping attendees (especially students and other newcomers) navigate AMS Meetings

  • Guiding professionals looking for advice

  • Helping other members share their knowledge and build a sense of community

  • Facilitating introductions and connections between members across fields and institutions

  • Sharing expertise and contributing to conversations on the AMS Community online platform

  • Fostering an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming culture and environment at AMS Meetings, on the AMS Community online platform, and within the weather, water, climate enterprise. 


Expectations and responsibilities:


  • Required: Behave in accordance with the letter and spirit of the AMS Code of Conduct

  • Required: Participate in training sessions, as needed

  • Required: Respond to inquiries from AMS staff through email and the AMS Community  online platform

  • Wear the yellow AMS Beacon lanyard at AMS Meetings (including Annual and Specialty meetings) for visibility, and serve as a resource for other attendees

  • When attending the AMS Annual Meeting, participate in Sunday’s “Newcomer's Welcome and Informational Exchange” session

  • Create and post new discussions (stories of the week) on the AMS Community online platform

  • Compose posts on areas of expertise on the AMS Community online platform

  • Participate in Beacon community discussions and give feedback

  • Help to recruit new Beacons